Tuesday Releases: Plants and Animals, The Wooden Sky, Joel Plaskett & The White Buffalo

Tuesday always brings an influx of music... but today is a good one as the title suggests. Let's get to it:  

Plants and Animals - The End of That


If you have been following us in the past month you will have already heard two new Plants and Animals songs. The new album has dropped today and you can stream the whole thing over at CBC Music (which is a pretty darn cool site if you ask me).

Check out the Lightshow video below:

The Wooden Sky - Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon a Sun


Again, you should be familiar with The Wooden Sky if you follow our blog. Their new album was released today and you can head over to our previous post on The Wooden Sky to stream the album.

Joel Plaskett - Tough Love 


Back again this week is Joel Plaskett with the 8th track from his upcoming album Scrappy Happiness. The song is called Tough Love and you can stream the track over on CBC Radio 2  . Check out the previous tracks HERE.

The White Buffalo - Once Upon a Time in the West


After a recent EP release The White Buffalo is back with a new full length entitled Once Upon a Time in the West. You can stream the whole album HERE and the video for the single Wish it Was True is posted below.

- Bryce

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