Animal Collective on 'Jimmy Fallon'

Panda Bear (a.k.a. Noah Lennox) sings 'Rosie Oh' from Animal Collectives new Centipede HZ album. Amazing song which just upsets me even more that I will not see these guys live this tour. Enjoy.

- Matt


Frightened Rabbit - State Hospital


Frightened Rabbit are back with the first single from their follow up to The Winter Of Mixed Drinks, as well as EP titled State Hospital leading into the LP. The first single is also called "State Hospital" and the video is posted below featuring dark and emotional content, which is what FR does best.

Here is what the gentlemen from Frightened Rabbit have to say about State Hospital and the upcoming album:

"The fruits of our labour are nearing your ears. That is to say, we're releasing our tidy wee EP 'State Hospital' very soon and wanted to let you know a few things about it. It contains five songs. The title track is the first snippet from our next album, but the rest of the tracks are unique to this release, even though they were all contenders for the full-length at one point or another. I suppose certain songs just don't fit in to an album, but we thought these four still deserved to be given more than simply 'B-side' status. Because we had been writing and demo-ing for this record for some time, we found ourselves sitting on a lot of songs at the beginning of the year. Too many really, if there is such a thing. You'll be glad to hear that we didn't even toy with the idea of a double album, probably because we weren't taking any drugs. So this seemed like the best way to show off the extras and give you a taste of things to come. So, a bit about those other 4 songs then...".

 - Spencer


Southern Shores - "New Love"

Toronto dream pop duo Southern Shores will be releasing their second EP New World on October 2nd through Cascine. The first song is a nice, airy summer tune... even though summer is coming to a close. Shoot.

- Matt


Aidan Knight - A Mirror

Check out the latest track from Western Canada's, Aidan Knight. The song is called A Mirror, and it will be on his upcoming album entitled, Small Reveal and will be released on October 23rd. Stream the track below:

You can read more about the album below via Killbeat music:

Two years can go by in the blink of an eye, or can stretch into a prolonged series of cross-country tours, weddings, funerals, rehearsals, odd jobs and getting your drivers license. Just ask Aidan Knight, the 25 year old songwriter and namesake of the Victoria-based band who unveil their second album Small Reveal on October 23rd

The roots of Small Reveal began in early 2012, in a similar rustic surrounding to that of their critically acclaimed debut album “Versicolour”: A cabin without running water on in rural British Columbia. Armed with hundreds of pounds of recording equipment; Olivier Clements, Julia Wakal, David Barry, Colin Nealis and Knight (via many wheelbarrows) set up in a gorgeous forest location with a cast iron stove and nearby swimming hole. After a week tucked away from society, armed with 15 brand new song ideas, they loaded the mountain of preamps and compressors back onto the ferry, returned home to Victoria, and spent the next 5 months quietly reworking the music.

Finally, in May of 2012, the band, joined up with producer and engineer Jonathan Anderson who was at the helm of Versicolour. Using the natural reverberant sounds of hanging guitars in a empty music store and the echoing distance of hallways in family homes, Knight and his collaborators created the swirling cinematics of Small Reveal in a whirlwind 10 days in 10 different recording spaces. The comraderie and the contributions of the band were integral to the process, Aidan explains; “Everything from horn arrangements to drum fills, they're things that I could never make up on my own. They're impossible; Only happening because of those 5 people in that certain space. I think the most powerful ideas are the ones that we never could have expected. As someone who's worked primarily on his own up until this point, I'm so glad that my best friends are the ones I can share and learn from now”.

Small Reveal presents the themes of inward thought and creativity, escapism, longing for success, and belonging. The result is an exciting yet dreamy, lushly-arranged record that swells and ebbs around the captivating focal point of Aidan’s voice. “The first time I was able to listen to the songs roughly put together…discovering what we had all made together. We had created something personal but omniscient, something ragged but polished, something that was reflective of what it means to spend a year crafting something that isn't revealed until the weeks. Unhurried. This is an album of music about creating music, the escapism in it and the uncomfortably honesty that hopefully shows itself.”

- Bryce

Smoke & Jackal - No Tell

Jared Followill (Kings of Leon) has teamed up with Nick Brown (Mona) for the newly released single No Tell. The side project is called Smoke and Jackal and you can stream the aforementioned single below:

- Bryce

Video: Grimes - "Genesis"

The Grimes Video for Genesis is now out. Check it out below. Its pretty crazy. See for yourself.

- Matt


The Orwells - "In My Bed"

The Orwells are five kids from suburban Chicago. These teenagers have a really stellar garage rock sound that I am digging. Check out the song "In My Bed". The album, 'Remember When', came out August 7 via Aquarium Drunkard‘s Autumn Tone Records.

In My Bed

- Matt

Trailer for the Grimes 'Genesis' video

Check out the trailer for the Grimes 'Genesis' video. Its a bit eerie. Have a look at the people in the car.

Also watch Grimes perform 'Genesis' on Jimmy Fallon here:

- Matt